Lamb Weston

For more than 60 years, Lamb Weston has been a leading supplier of frozen potato products to customers around the world, and a bellwether of innovation within the potato industry.

From the moment F. Gilbert "Gib" Lamb founded Lamb Weston in 1950, industry leadership and continuous innovation have been the company's highest priorities—both in our approach to developing relationships with valued partners, and in the products, product categories and processes they've pioneered over the last 60 years.  Such innovations include:

  1. Water Gun Knife - Arguably the industry's greatest serendipitous discovery, Lamb Weston invented and patented the Water Gun Knife, which to this day remains the industry standard for cutting potatoes.
  2. Automatic Defect Removal System - Using infrared light and series of precision blades, this industry-standard innovation removes blemishes from potatoes on high-speed production lines, increasing both product quality and operator profitability.
  3. Stealth® Fries - Another quantum leap forward in quality and performance, Stealth Fries feature an exclusive (and invisible) potato starch coating which retains heat and flavor longer than conventional fries, making them ideal for takeout and drive-through applications.

Today, Lamb Weston still places the highest emphasis on their partner relationships and their innovative spirit, and continues to set new standards throughout the industry worldwide.  

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