Davids Cookies

The story of David's Cookies starts with David Leiderman, a classically trained French chef cooking in New York City who had a particular fondness for cookies and other baked goods.  After visiting boutique cookie stores on the West Coast he thought the idea of a store selling premium quality fresh baked cookies would translate well to the Eastern US.

Using his training and only the finest all natural ingredients - pure vanilla, butter, Swiss chocolate and whole nuts – he created the ultimate Chocolate Chunk cookie and featured it in his first David’s Cookies store on 2nd Avenue in Manhattan which opened in 1979.  An instant hit, these delicious cookies won many awards including the NY Newsday Award for the Best Chocolate Chunk Cookie.

David began franchising and soon there were 25 David's Cookies stores in Manhattan alone, 75 in the greater New York area and over 150 additional stores worldwide selling 22 different varieties of fresh baked cookies.

Business thrived until the late 1980’s when increased operating costs forced many of the stores to close.  The company was then purchased by Fairfield Gourmet Foods Corp, a New Jersey based gourmet dessert company.  The David’s brand was rejuvenated by introducing the now-classic Chocolate Chunk cookie and the other flavors of frozen cookie dough into Foodservice.

Throughout the 1990’s David's Cookies continued its evolution into a full line dessert supplier producing brownies, crumb cakes, muffin batters, thaw & serve muffins and more.

Today, with its diverse line of dessert offerings which now includes scones, cinnamon rolls, Danish, and gluten free products, David’s Cookies can satisfy the demands of all segments of the foodservice industry from schools to white tablecloth restaurants. 

See more at www.davidscookies.com or email us at foodservice@brydenstokes.com for more information on the lines we carry.