Like every other hard-worker that you know, you consider Friday to be the best day of the week because at the end of it is a reward for five days of traffic, deadlines and trying to exceed your bosses’ expectations. Besides looking forward to two days without an alarm, an after-work ‘lime’ is when you permit yourself to indulge in something you’ve had a hankering for all week – It’s dark, on the brink of sweetness and one is definitely not enough. With a designated driver on duty, you place your first order for a Mackeson. It’s the perfect warm-up for everything that the rest of the night has to offer. It never disappoints and ensures that you don’t either.
This instantly satisfying, full-bodied milk stout is perfect for a generation that thrives on immediate and long-lasting gratification in their personal, professional and pleasurable pursuits. Its roasted malt aroma is a superb opener for its dark, creamy, semi-sweet goodness that finishes with a hint of a coffee-like flavour.